Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kora keywords

Planet Proserpina/Persephone/Kora (astronomical designations "2003 UB313", MPC No. 136199).


Planet of peace and serenity, the value system, material status and the inclination towards gathering fortune in the positive meaning and grudge in the negative sense, fondness of spending time in the nature, farming, gardening, sybaritism, tendency to be surrounded by the luxurios goods, serenity, self-control, consistency, sometimes even stubbornes in the sense of lacking certain flexibility in behaviour, self-esteem, pacifism, avoiding quarrels, allowing others to take advantage of yourself just to have peace of mind, natural healing through the harvests of the nature, the spring awakening, monumental projects and completed builidings, power of the peace, the peace of the power. prosperity, passion, self-determination, miraculous salvation.

Note: this keyword list is the result of asumptionless research of charts done since august 2005, and was the result of my research, discussions on group and was published in polish on my web site in 2007 , as an appendix to text on theoretical meanings of Proserpina in signs and in aspect by Jarek Gronert et al. It was translated into english in may 2008 and put on my blog on, but due to frequent instability of, I republish it here.

Planet Proserpina Discovery chart

Astronomical properties of the planet:
  • white colour, high albedo (only Mimas has it higher), so resemblance to mirror (Taurus or Libra)
  • coated in jewels (Persephone, wife of Hades; Taurus)
  • orbital parameters make natural assiociationwith greek myth of ‘abduction of Persephone' (Taurus)
  • high elongation and high inclination of orbit make it resistor that silences solar system oscillations
  • the planet was discovered in 2005, the year when 1/8 of arctic melted in one summer, being the record year of such events (spring - Taurus), and the time when new term was coined - "Global Spring" (Taurus) (the usa power mongers mispresented it into infamous "Human Caused Global Warming" swindle).