Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Site links page reorganization

astrologia.pl english version links page was split into smaller pages:

http://www.astrologia.pl/astrology-links.html - general subject astrology links, like astrologers, astrology organisations pages, journals and bookstores

http://www.astrologia.pl/astrology-tools.html - useful online tools to calculate chart, check geographic coordinates, time zone and summer time changes

http://www.astrologia.pl/astrology-software.html - astrology software to download and run locally from you pc/mac computer

http://www.astrologia.pl/astrology-poland.html - internet astrological activity in Poland

http://www.astrologia.pl/links-misc.html - non astrological tools and sites

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Urania - new 1.92 version slowly coming into life...

... "Next Solar Chart"/"Previous Solar Chart" - now can be invoked on two (or more) independently opened windows ;)